My first novel, Home, was published by Red Button Publishing and is now available direct from amazon. My first collection of short stories, Glitches, is published by Acorn Books. As well as working on my second novel, I am working on various projects in different media (watch this space) and a blog tracking my attempts to read and review a novel a week.

I teach creative writing for City University, reading for the MA, teaching part of the wonderful Novel Studio course and running the City Writes events. I worked for the publishing community Byte The Book for several years and enjoy collaborating with The Museum of Walking. With the Museum of Walking, I’ve devised walkshops and judged flash competitions culminating in beautiful chapbooks published by Sampson Low Publishers. I have continued to edit the Museum’s chapbook series and you can buy them here. Inspired by these, I’ve created the Creative Writing Walkshop, a Sound Piece designed for listening on the move, and a fictional soundwalk One Circuitous Path which will be launched this September. Click here for further details.

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