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Authors Questioned Here is a page displaying my latest video interviews with authors. I write about books on the blog, but here I get to talk about them with their makers. I have plenty of questions of my own, but as the interviews develop I hope to ask other readers for their questions too. I also hope to learn the art of avoiding saying ‘um’.

I was delighted to launch these interviews in July 2015 with Heidi James. This was followed by an interview with Guy Ware in September 2015; an interview with Paul Blaney on 6th January 2016; a great discussion with debut novelist, David Savill on 4th May 2016; and a thought-provoking interview with Emma Claire Sweeney on 6th July 2016. After a bit of a break, I was delighted to meet and talk with Stephan Collishaw on 2nd June 2018 and then C. G. Menon on 4th June 2018 . More interviews will follow so keep a look out over the following months.

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